New Watermark University Class Proves to be Everyone’s Cup of Tea!

Yesterday’s Watermark University class titled “Teas Around the World” was not just a sit-in-a-classroom style lecture. When curious residents entered the class, they were greeted with an elegant tea party arrangement. The tables were dressed with vibrant tablecloths and whimsical cups, saucers, and dishes. To make it more enticing, class participants were able to choose from a wide variety of teas, as well as butter cookies and Godiva chocolates for an added delight. While enjoying their tea and sweets, residents learned about the history of teas, how to brew the perfect cup of tea, and even proper tea etiquette to follow in case they ever receive an invitation to have tea with the Queen!

We can’t wait to see what the next Watermark University class brings to Legacy at Willow Pond!

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